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Sports events:
Drones could be used as stand-off delivery platforms for any type of dangerous substance or simply to cause panic at a crowded event via a simulated attack. Drones could also be used for surveillance to help support criminal activity or a ground-based terrorist attack at a major event. During the Euros 2016, a drone was used to deploy an Albanian flag during a match with Serbia, intended to stir political tensions, the assassination attack on the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro deploying two armed drones or President Myrtle’s close in counter at an outdoor event and during the European Football Championships in Belgrade. Officials are aware that it is only a matter of time before criminal or terrorist groups plan their attack by a drone at sports events such as the World Cup or Olympic Games.

People of status are increasingly vulnerable to the invasion of privacy from the ever-present paparazzi and members of the public. The advent of affordable drones has increased this threat, allowing an invasion of privacy in areas that would previously have been safe from being overlooked, such as large private estates or yachts. Detecting and mitigating threats before they get too close can defend that privacy.


Port & Harbour:
The Privacy-Preserving Drone Navigation system platform delivers end-to-end, comprehensive protection of naval vessels and assets, whether in harbor, nearshore, or during patrol and recon missions against an attack from hostile UAVs. Whether it is a container vessel or a luxury cruise liner, crew and passenger security is just as important as any airline. It makes sense to ensure those on board are fully vetted on arrival and that the latest security exists on the ship to ensure continued safety at sea.

In recent years’ airports have experienced an alarming increase in near-collisions between drones and aircraft during take-off and landing due to unauthorized drones straying into commercial airspace therefore, airports need to be equipped with the system. Privacy-Preserving Drone Navigation system can track an excess number of targets simultaneously, accurately identifying and tracking which ones are drones-vs-birds and labeling them accordingly using AI (artificial intelligence). The system camera is automatically slewed to threats, allowing rapid positive ID in a busy control room.

air plane

Security for the banking industry possesses series of unique challenges and presents one of the biggest security threats from theft. The rewards of an attack on a financial institution are still very high which makes them an attractive target. At Intrasensors, we have a proven track record and valuable experience in providing a wide range of products and detailed expertise to mitigate against the effects of physical attacks on the banking sector.

Oil and gas industry:
Whether a theft or terrorist attack, the results can be catastrophic both financially and environmentally. Increasing prices and surging worldwide demand have a direct relationship with criminal and terrorist activity, which means that the protection of these vital assets is now more important than at any time in the past.

oil gas

Due to the long amount of time prisoners spend confined to one place, outrage will most likely build up until they are unleashed through violent attacks against individuals or large scale riots therefore, staff, detainees, and the visitors need to be provided with the most reliable and effective security measurements possible. Drugs and weapons are highly sought after by many imprisoned people and the traffic of them both within the population and from outside must be prevented.

Police and Law enforcement agencies:
The Police and Law Enforcement agencies must be adequately equipped to deal with a diverse range of crimes, emergencies, and incidents precisely. They are also the front line in the fight against international terrorism and need to be provided with advanced intelligence gathering and technological equipment to detect and defeat such threats before it occurs.