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IDS includes 3 diffrent sensors

Acoustic Sensor

Our Acoustic Sensor (AS) enables the use of precision audio capture which can both understand where a sound, e.g. a drone, is coming from and focus on that sound.

Using microphone array and noise filtering to increase the accuracy every time and every where.


Optical Sensor

Optical Sensor (OS) uses AI algorithms and machine learning (ML) to detect drones and find their location. It’s the age of machine learning.

DRone mosaic

RF Sensor

The Radio Frequency Sensor (RFS) uses radio frequency signals to detect the direction and position of drone and its remote control.

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Due to the proliferation of commercial drones as a hobby, there is a growing need for protection against criminal-minded people and malicious drone flight over sensitive areas, people, or events.

A couple or more sensors can indicate the position of the drone most accurately by using the triangular rule.

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This system can detect even silent drones (automated drones)